Stay in Lipari

If you are choosing where to stay in Lipari you can not miss the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Cutimare, a jewel of the aeolian hospitality overlooking the enchanted waters of the Sicilian archipelago, a timeless place that will give your stay the chance to sleep in Lipari lulled by the soft waves shatter on the long beach of Acqua Calda.

The Hotel Cutimare is one of the most fascinating solution that the Aeolian Charme Group has developed in the archipelago, a hotel in which your stay in Lipari will turn into an extraordinary emotional impact that will remain indelibly etched in your memory. After this experience you will have no difficulty in suggesting the Hotel Cutimate to anyone who asks you advice on where to stay in the capital of the Aeolian archipelago.

Reserve your stay at the Cutimare and give yourself the choice of an enchanted place where to stay in Lipari, a magical place that will give you unforgettable nights cooled by the salty air of the Bay of Acqua Calda. Stay in Lipari has never been as nice.