Swimming: the Sea of Acquacalda is very clean and safe - no strong currents and is perfect for long-distance swimming.

   Cycling : The circumference of Lipari Island is 38km. The roads are good and not over crowded and wonderful for regular terrain cycling. The terrain is varied, flat, low hills and some short but challenging climbs - followed by wonderful down hill stretches where you will be able to see the amazing vistas to the other surrounding islands. It is heaven for the senses! Be sure to look at the short video we made for you to sample the terrain, right from your desk or home. Of course one call also do cross country biking on the running trails.

 Jogging/Running/Speed Walking: there are wonderful on and off road running trails. Here too we have made a short video to illustrate the splendid variety of terrain -small lanes meandering through the old villages, soft, shaded trails curving through the trees and wonderful open trails at the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea. The explosion of sights and smells will exhilarate you and remain a wonderful memory for months after your vacation!

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